LeftClick Privacy and Update Policy

Updated at: 19 august 2019

EULA and Privacy

Our EULA can be found here regarding LeftClick Web Services. This agreement is agreed upon when every new account is created.

In section 6 of the EULA the property is declared. Our privacy on the data in our systems is to keep information secure from unauthorized access. Due to the information is not property of LeftClick we will not share this information with 3rd parties. Some information can be visualised on large displays, the clients need to take proper actions to limit visibility on those screens internally. This information is scheduled only by the client not a LeftClick employee.


As stated in the EULA section 4 and 8 the LWS platform is part of continuous improvement and bug fixes. Our ISO27001 and NEN7510 certification ensures LeftClick applies the industry standards for information security. You can download our certification for the ISO27001 and NEN7510 here and here.

Also part of this update process are our DigitalSignage players and RoomGuides products. LeftClick supports these LeftClick branded products for at least 5 years. RMA and repairs do not extend this period.

Support contains:

  • Software updates (Operating system and visualization application).
  • Hardware (Main board, Storage disk, Display).
  • In the EULA section 10 there are services that might not get updates due to their support;

Connection details:

  • All LeftClick server connections are TLS encrypted channels verified with valid externally signed certificates. We follow the Mozilla SSL advisor Intermediate level for TLS encryption standards.
  • Other services like RSS or Weather information can be unencrypted but are content depending.

Patch management:

  • Server and player software is based on the Ubuntu TLS version
  • Weekly updates for the players are a normal release schema
  • Updates have to pass 2 internal stages with a number of verification steps automated and manual:
    1. Development (daily snapshot).
    2. Staging (weekly snapshot);
    After passing the weekly tests the exact software image is transported to the players for updates. These updates are atomic and can be reversed to a previous version if the update fails.
  • CVE update's are monitored and applied when a fix will be available from the base OS (Ubuntu):
    • High impact: Same day.
    • Normal impact: Same week.
    • Low impact: Normal release schema 2 weeks;


Contact details can be found here.